SHE Day:

A One-Day Wellness Conference With Social Impact

By: S|H|E Changes Everything

Be inspired to take your health to the next level all while giving back & supporting women!

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Trina J.

SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee

I loved the positive vibe, the sense that we don't have to be perfect to make effective change.  That little changes, one day at a time can add up.  That is how we have the power to learn, grow, and change.

Sholly C.

SHE Day: LA Attendee

I loved the energy.  Each part was amazing.  Education with movement; it was so interactive.  I loved getting to know the vendors and what they each had to offer and educate on.  I also loved the swag bag and getting to try out the products!


SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee

I want more!  Like a whole weekend!  I loved that the vendors were selected to match the theme as well.  I didn't have to question their policies/values.


We know that you want to feel good, cut through the confusion, and show up as your best self! This day is based on sharing science-based information that will empower you to make choices that make for you in #reallife!

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What To Expect:

Science-Based Health

Learn how to support your hormones, gut health, & weight-loss.

Swag for Change!

Go home with an ridiculously awesome wellness goodies!

Movement Session

Enjoy an all-levels movement session. 


Coffee, tea, and healthy treats all day!

Meet Incredible Women

Make connections with other like-minded women. 

Shop the SHE Marketplace

Connect with unique companies you'll feel amazing supporting, including women-owned & fair trade favorites!

We Give Back In Your Community

10% of your ticket goes to a local cause.

Win Awesome Stuff

Think essential oils, clean beauty, fair trade, and ALL THE THINGS! 

Mega P.

SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee

A safe space to be surrounded by like-minded women wanting to improve.

Caitlyn G.

SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee

LOVED the enthusiasm, venue, vendors, and topics.  The swag bag was great and I loved the message that all of the vendors supported.

Julia E.

SHE Day: LA Attendee

Eye opening.  They gave so many small, easy things to change.

Speaker Spotlights

Get Ready to Reconnet with Yourself!

Have you been so busy doing "all the things" that you've lost touch with what feeling good feels like?

Are you not even sure where you should start to reconnect with what your body needs?

At SHE Day we create a safe space to come & reconnect yourself & what you need to take care of yourself & show-up as your best self.

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Janet G.

SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee 

I loved getting to spend time with my sisters! We had so much to talk about after the event. 


SHE Day: LA Attendee

No pressure... I loved the focus on small changes. 

Khue P.

SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee 

It was so well thought out and every detail was so cute and picture perfect. 

The SHE Day Experience

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Mega P.

SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee 

A safe space to be surrounded by like-minded women wanting to improve. 

Julia E.

SHE Day: LA Attendee

Eye opening.  They gave so many small, easy things to change.

Caitlyn G.

SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee 

 The swag bag was great and I loved the message that all of the vendors supported.

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It's time for a new way to think about wellness.


We're listening to everyone but our own bodies and soul. What works for the girls in your social media feed, your best friend or even your mother won't necessarily work for you! We are all bioindividually different, which is why SHE Day is all about honoring and getting clear on those differences, inspiring you to figure out what works well for you and your body, and helping you feel your best!

Healthy Looks Different On Every Body

Over the last decade, Heather Young, C-IAYT, E-RYT500 & Jennifer Klotz, MS, RD have helped women around world change their health, upgrade their thinking, and create lasting health & wellness results. 

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