SHE Day: LA (Early Bird Ticket)

$99.00 USD



October 19, 2019


1000 N. Kanan Rd., Oak Park, CA 91377

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Your early bird purchase helps bring this one-of-a-kind-event to life! Thank you for your support of SHE!

SHE Day is a day of wellness you’ve been waiting for. Step away from all the questions, the crazy, the judgement, and the nonsense that leaves you scratching your head.

Instead join us for a day of soothing self-care, science-based education, and crazy levels of inspiration that will leave you refreshed and with an action plan for growing your own unique sustainable, healthy, ethical lifestyle!

Here are just 10 of the MANY reasons you need to be at SHE Day! 

  1. Find new nutrition strategies that work for your unique body that blow away all the lies and misinformation you're being fed as a woman.
  2. Spend a day full of self-care and goodness for your body. 78% of women admit that they put off taking care of themselves because they are taking care of others.
  3. Mind-blowingly simple ways to increase your impact as a conscious consumer!
  4. Confidently use essential oils for healing and wellness.
  5. Feel-good yoga and stretching throughout the day! 
  6. Grab a pen because using proprietary worksheets you're going to create an action plan to take home with you and keep your momentum going. You'll KNOW what you'll be doing on Monday, instead of being inspired but confused or unclear, which is how some conferences can make you feel. 
  7. Make connections with a community of women passionate about sustainable, healthy, ethical (SHE) living! Hands down this was one of the highest pieces of feedback after SHE Day: LA - everyone was blown away by how wonderful and uplifting the whole group was together. 
  8. You'll enhance your life - and the life of someone else - with 10% of your ticket going to a local organization.
  9. Enjoy allergy-friendly, nutritious food and snacks - and try new brands! 
  10. The custom swag bag

What Women Are Saying:

“SHE Day is something you have to experience! It's a positive and informative space on all things health and wellness. ”

Khue, SHE Day Attendee

“I want more! Like a whole weekend! I loved that the vendors were selected to match the theme as well. I didn't have to question their policies/values. ”

Jessica, SHE Day Attendee

“The best education I've had about health and sustainability that I can apply to my life!”

Bianca, SHE Day Attendee

“This wellness event is highly educational and focused on helping you identify next steps for your health!”

Sarah, SHE Day Attendee

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First, we are SO EXCITED you'll be joining us at SHE Day! 

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