Ready to Make Simple Changes That Matter for YOU?

At SHE Day we give you the knowledge, power & resources to create, restore, and maintain wellness. 

Hosted by S|H|E (Sustainable. Healthy. Ethical.)

At SHE Day, our goal is to have you leave fully equipped and inspired to make simple changes that actually work for your life.


You’ll find a space to learn about sustainable, healthy, ethical (SHE) living where your unique journey is celebrated.


SHE Day is designed to give you clarity on what your unique life of wellness looks like.


This is your journey. We'll prove you get to ditch all the "rules"  you've been struggling to follow and that wellness truly can be simple! 


Here's How Women Describe SHE Day!

"Amazing, soul-recharging, inspiring!"

SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee

"I loved the positive vibe, the sense that we don't have to be perfect to make effective change. That little changes, one day at a time can add up. That is how we have the power to learn, grow, and change."

Trina J.
SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee

"I want more! Like a whole weekend! I loved that the vendors were selected to match the theme as well. I didn't have to question their policies/values."

SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee

"I love that there was a lightness and sense of humor in the midst of the serious topics."

SHE Day: LA Attendee

" I am dealing with my own chronic issues and knowing I am not alone is amazing. Plus, knowledge is power."

Devenye F.
SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee

"I loved the energy. Each part was amazing. Education with movement; it was so interactive. I loved getting to know the vendors and what they each had to offer and educate on. I also loved the swag bag and getting to try out the products!"

Sholly C.
SHE Day: LA Attendee

"I loved connecting personally with each vendor and their mission and story. "

Faith B.
SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee





What is SHE?

SHE is here to inspire simple changes that matter in your individual life! No pressure. No judgement. No perfection.


There are an infinite number of heart-felt changes you can make to support the planet that also fit in your individual #reallife. Caring about sustainability doesn't mean you suddenly have to go "zero-waste" or never use a plastic cup again.



There are an infinite number of healthy changes that support the WHOLE YOU - mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually. Health is not about what works for other people. It’s never one-size-fits-all; health is infinitely individual, which is why we don‘t support labels or fads.



The money we spend has impact. If a company cares about doing things right, they'll care about you and the planet too. You get a better product - someone else gets a better life. Ethical choices come from the heart. 

Sustainable, healthy, & ethical (SHE) choices are intertwined and the most powerful changes that matter consciously involves them all. You'll learn them all at SHE Day!

"Something you have to experience!!! Such a positive and informative space on all things health and wellness."

Khue P.
SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee

"SHE Day is a place to become informed on healthy living with no judgements."

Samantha U.
SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee

"This was an amazing event! I wouldn’t have changed anything, except maybe giving Jennifer more time to speak! I loved the inspirational message of the entire event! I look forward to staying connected to S.H.E. Day, as well as Jennifer and Heather on instagram! I would love information on how to get a session with Jennifer."

SHE Day: LA Attendee

"I always just ignored how I felt, considering my symptoms normal. Now, thanks to Heather and Jennifer - I have been able to heal and remember what it feels like to actually feel amazing!"

Marilyn G.
SHE Day: LA Attendee

"I loved the nutrition information at SHE Day! I think that the tools and information provided are very applicable on a daily basis."

Caitlyn G.
SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee

"My favorite session was the health assessment and the "why" behind health. I felt it was powerful to check in, make myself aware of where I was at, and and learn what I can do!"

Crista T.
SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee

"A wellness event that is highly educational and focused on helping you identify next steps."

SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee

Here's what you'll experience at SHE Day: 


Personalized Health

Pinpoint what your body needs NOW using the SHE system. 


Swag for Change!

Go home with an ridiculously awesome swag bag packed with our favorite sustainable, healthy, ethical goodies to help jumpstart you on your SHE changes!

Yoga & Breathing

One deep breath can change your day. Learn deceptively easy ways to keep your focus and your energy  - all day long! 


Have fun trying organic, healthy treats, and a coffee and tea bar with all the boosts for trying upgraded coffee lattes and matcha lattes.

Meet Incredible Women

Make connections with a community of women passionate about SHE living!

Shop the SHE Marketplace

Shop the SHE Marketplace and connect with incredible and unique companies in clean living and wellness! We love spotlighting women-owned, fair trade, SHE companies! 

Give Back!

You'll enhance your life - and the life of someone else - with 10% of your ticket going to a local cause at each event.

Win Awesome Stuff

Think essential oils, clean beauty, quality supplements, free nutrition consults, a yoga therapy session, and ALL THE THINGS! We want you to leave better equipped for your sustainable, healthy, ethical lifestyle!



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October 19, 2019


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Countdown to the next SHE Day!

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Your Hosts: 2 Sisters on a Mission.


SHE Day is one day, yet builds a lifetime of sustainable, healthy, ethical living!

"A safe space to be surrounded by like-minded women wanting to improve. "

Mega P.
SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee

"Eye opening. They gave so many small, easy things to change."

Julia E.
SHE Day: LA Attendee

"LOVED the enthusiasm, venue, vendors, and topics. The swag bag was great and I loved the message that all of the vendors supported."

Caitlyn G.
SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee

"No pressure... I loved the focus on small changes. "

SHE Day: LA Attendee

"I loved getting to spend time with my sisters! We had so much to talk about after the event. "

Janet G.
SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee

"It was so well thought out and every detail was so cute and picture perfect. "

Khue P.
SHE Day: Phoenix Attendee

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